I currently run my own practice as Movement Ek met Tiaan, cropped& Performance Specialist in Gardens, Cape Town. I love my work, helping people overcome functional problems, chronic pains or injury that keep them from living an optimal life. What I probably enjoy most is the opportunity to guide clients through the process of gaining understanding of the causes of their physical problems and appreciation for the holistic wonder and intelligence of their bodies. In the process, also empowering them to pro-actively overcome the imbalances in lifestyle which might have contributed to developing their dysfunctions.

My holistic perspective on human functioning is a product of experiential and conscious living. Through own past experiences with movement related pain and ill-health, I was challenged to seek answers outside of the standard solutions offered at the time. This journey has lead to not only finding solutions for my own problems, but has created in me a desire to share with others what I’ve learned. More than 15 years on, I’m still learning about the wonders of the human body, and I’m more respectful than ever of the fundamental principles that is evident in, and allows for optimal enjoyment of all aspects of life.

Although some of what I’ve learned in those humble beginnings has become more available (about food allergies for example) thanks to the information age, lots of ‘wellness wisdom’ is often presented inaccurately, or not based on sound principles or logic. Lots of ignorance still exist about disease prevention, the treatment of causes, and particularly in the domain of Movement, mainstream ‘sport science’ and rehabilitation are characterized by a general lack of appreciation for the integrity and synergism of nature.

It is my objective in this Blog to share what I’ve learned on my journey of truth regarding these matters, challenge some outdated views, and hopefully stimulate enough interest in the need for adopting a new perspective. I trust that my take on Quality Movement and Wholesome Living will serve you in some small way.


I am a qualified Sports Conditioning Trainer, a certified FMS Movement Specialist, and registered member of REPSA. I also hold a degree in Psychological Counselling.

Other experience:

I owned and managed a Movement and Sports Performance centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 4 years. At this facility, called one2one Performance, we helped individual sportsmen and women to overcome chronic pain and recurring injury, to achieve optimal performance.

Over the years I’ve developed my own combined style of deep tissue and trigger point therapy, helped by a few years of hands-on apprenticeship training from an old massage Guru in Argentina who worked for me.

Previous experience further includes being the Conditioning Trainer and Head Rugby Coach at 2 High Schools in Cape Town, the Conditioning Trainer at 2 Rugby Clubs in the Western Province and Boland 1st League, and the Head of the Performance Department at Ajax Football Club.

I played provincial and professional rugby until age 29, and later qualified as a Level 2 SARFU Coach.

Other Interests and likes:

I love real music (played with instruments and not computers), more relaxing the older I get. I also enjoy singing, mostly when I’m alone… I enjoy cooking, and although I don’t have time for elaborate meals during the week, every now and then I’ll pull out all the stops to cook something spectacular! Deep down, I’d like to imagine I’m a Chef living in denial.

I enjoy interval running and sprinting, and have recently started competing in Master’s Track Athletics (after 25 years away from the track!). Although I’m not an endurance athlete, I enjoy going for a run once a week – with fresh air cleansing my lungs and an elevated heart rate rushing blood through my body, I find it a great way to start the week ‘clean’. I also do weekly movement strength training, combined with some functional power depending on where in my athletic program I am. I also enjoy the odd game of tennis.

As a spiritual man, I enjoy reading books that stimulate spiritual growth. My relationship with God is central to my life, and I start everyday with Him. I’m also a big believer in Personal Development, and when I’m at my best I’ll have weekly PD time set aside.